2020 Toyota HIACE Pricelist as of April 2020!

Commuter 3.0L D4D- 1,480,000
New Commuter Deluxe- 1,634,000
New GL Grandia MT – 2,055,000
New GL Grandia MT WP- 2,070,000
New GL Grandia AT- 2,130,000
New GL Grandia AT WP- 2,145,000
New GL TOURER MT- 2,229,000
New GL TOURER MT WP- 2,244,000
New GL TOURER AT- 2,304,000
New GL TOURER AT WP- 2,319,000
New S.Grandia AT Fabric- 2,518,000
New S.Grandia AT Fabric wP- 2,533,000
New S.Grandia AT Leather- 2,608,000
New S.Grandia AT Leather WP- 2,623,000
New S.Grandia AT Elite- 2,983,000
New S.Grandia AT Elite WP- 2,998,000

*Prices & Promos are subject to change.
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