2020 Toyota INNOVA AUV Low Downpayment Installment Promos | Toyota Batangas City

Drive ur Dream Toyota INNOVA as low as ₱43,000 Downpayment All-in!

J DSL MT- ₱50,000 Downpayment E DSL M/T- ₱43,000 Downpayment E DSL A/T- ₱45,000 Downpayment TOURING MT- ₱54,000 Downpayment TOURING AT- ₱55,000 Downpayment G DSL M/T- ₱53,000 Downpayment G DSL M/T WP- ₱55,000 Downpayment G DSL A/T- ₱57,000 Downpayment G DSL A/T WP- ₱59,000 Downpayment V DSL A/T- ₱63,000 Downpayment V DSL A/T WP- ₱65,000 Downpayment

All-in Included: 
✅1yr Comprehensive Insurance
✅3yrs LTO
Standard Free items:
✅Seatcover if Fabric seats
✅Spare Tire
*Subject for CI & Approval of Toyota Financial.
*Prices & Promos are subject to change.
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Marvin Masongsong (Toyota Batangas)
Marvin Masongsong (Toyota Batangas)

Vehicle Sales & Marketing @ Toyota Batangas City.
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